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support response times

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we saw you submitted a support request via form but did not include any response email so there was no way for us to get back to you.

additionally, support is just as good as it has always been. unfortunately it is not possible for us to be on messenger at all times of the day.
if you are used to getting help this way and you do not see us online via messenger you should contact us in one of our other 4 or 5 support methods
which include a phone number to call for support....which whmphp does not have.

additionally, keep posts about competition off of our forums or we will have to block you from using it(
especially when your post is one sentance long, about how others like their software, with no meaningful reason to post that comment in our support forums,
no real question to answer and posting it to some random thread that has nothing to do with having trouble getting support.


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